Five most performant modern private jets

I chose 5 private jets which seem to be at the top of their category for performance, comfort and cost effectiveness.

Cessna Citation Longitude

This private jet does look pretty much like one of the best values for your money. Even operating costs are very contained, since you can wait 18 months between each major inspection.

  • Comfortable: Feel it as soon as you step inside: A spacious, flat-floor, six-foot stand up cabin with best-in-class legroom for ultimate comfort.
  • Quiet : Cessna developed exclusive sound proofing techniques to design the world’s quietest super-midsize cabin. Whether you’re resting or conducting business, enjoy the peace and quiet needed to make the most of your time in the air.


DIMENSIONS Length  73 ft 2 in (22.3 m) Height  19 ft 5 in (5.9 m)
Wingspan           68 ft 11 in (21.01 m) Wing Area          537 sq ft (49.91 sq m) Wing Sweep      28.6 degrees
Wheelbase        31 ft 7 in (9.63 m) Tread    9 ft 8 in (2.95 m) CABIN INTERIOR
Height  72 in (1.8 m) Width   77 in (1.96 m) Length  25 ft 2 in (7.7 m)
Maximum Passengers   12 BAGGAGE CAPACITY Weight 1,115 lb (506 kg)
Volume 112 cu ft (3.17 cu m) WEIGHTS Maximum Takeoff Weight                39,500 lb (17,917 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight                33,500 lb (15,195 kg) Full Fuel Payload              1,600 lb (726 kg) PERFORMANCE
Maximum Cruise Speed 483 ktas (895 km/h) 4 Passenger Range         3,500 nm (6,482 km) Takeoff Field Length       4,810 ft (1,466 m)
Landing Distance             3,170 ft (966 m) Maximum Operating Altitude                45,000 ft (13,716 m) Maximum Limit Speed  0.84 Mach (0.84 Mach)
POWERPLANT Manufacturer   Honeywell Model  HTF7700L
Thrust   7,665 lb (34.10 kN)

Falcon8X, the private jet with the French touch

  • French elegance coupled with state of the art technology and avionics.
  • The unique comfort of having 3 engines – that means steeper takeoffs and plenty of power in any conditions.
  • Direct operating costs 35% lower than those of competing jets.
Unbeatable economics

Falcon 8X direct operating costs are as much as 35% lower than those of competing jets. And thanks to its optimized airliner-type MSG-3 maintenance program, time between 8X major inspections is 800 hours or 12 months, giving you greater use of your airborne asset.


External dimensions Length  24.46 m Height  7.94 m
Wing span          26.29 m Internal dimensions Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage)    13 m
Maximum headroom     1.88 m Maximum width              2.34 m Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage)    48 m3
Weights Maximum takeoff weight                33,113 kg Maximum zero fuel weight                18,598 kg
Maximum fuel  15,940 kg Maximum landing weight                28,304 kg Engines
Manufacturer   P&W Canada Nbr/Type            3 x PW307D SL-ISA Thrust     29.9 kN
Flat rated to       ISA+17°C

HondaJet Elite, the Honda feeling

If you ever drove a Honda you know what I mean by Honda feeling. It feels nimble, handy and at the same time class. Well, the HondaJet feels pretty much like a Honda.

Key features of the HondaJet Elite –

  • Range: 1,437 nautical miles* Longer range makes it the furthest-flying aircraft in its class.
  • Noise Attenuating Engine Inlets: Advanced inlet technology created to reduce exterior and interior noise
  • Performance Management: Provides optimized performance planning for all phases of flight such as airspeed / cruise altitude, fuel flow, etc
  • Takeoff/Landing Distance (TOLD) Management: Automatic computation of the required runway length, V-speeds, climb/approach gradients, etc
  • Stability and Protection with Roll and AoA Functions:Provides enhanced safety features for manual flying that will deter aircraft operation outside the normal flight envelope
  • AFCS Coupled Go-Around with Underspeed Protection: The aircraft’s autopilot remains connected, enhancing aircraft safety and reducing pilot workload.
Bombardier Global 8000
Industry-leading power and performance

No other business jet provides the speed and range of the Global 8000 aircraft. With an industry-leading range of 7,900 nm, travelers are free to chart their course with more routes and destination options than any other business jet ever conceived.


SPEED (MACH) Top speed          0.925 High-speed cruise           0.90
Typical cruise speed       0.85 AIRFIELD PERFORMANCE Takeoff distance
(SL, ISA, MTOW) 5,880 ft Landing distance
(SL, ISA, typical) 2,450 ft OPERATING ALTITUDE
Maximum operating altitude                51,000 ft Initial cruise altitude (MTOW) 43,000 ft
range 7,900 nm Thrust: 16,500 lbf (73kN)

Embraer Lineage 1000e

Since Boeing bought Embraer, no wonder they came out with a jet which looks like a smaller 737. Absolutely remarkable.

Available for private ownership, the Embraer 1000e aircraft from the Lineage series is an ultra large corporate jet that needs to be operated by 2 crew members, and depending on the chosen configuration, accommodates from 13 to 19 passengers.


Range (M 0.78, 8 passengers and NBAA IFR reserves with 200 nm alternate) 4,600 nm / 8,519 km High Speed Cruise 472 kt / 874 km/h MMO M 0.82 TOFL (MTOW, SL, ISA) 6,076 ft / 1,852 m Unfactored Landing Distance (LW with 4 passengers at 200 lb each, NBAA IFR reserves, SL, ISA) 2,038 ft / 622 m Maximum Payload 9,921 lb / 4,500 kg Maximum Operating Altitude 41,000 ft / 12,497 m Engine Thrust / Flat Rating 18,500 lbf / ISA + 15°C Avionics Honeywell Primus Epic™ Cabin Volume 4,085 ft3 / 115.7 m3 Total Baggage Capacity 443 ft3 / 12.55 m3 Maximum Executive Configuration 19 seats Typical Executive Configuration 13 seats