Corona virus renders private jets most useful

Corona virus: private jets are most useful in case of health emergencies

Yet another lung virus is spreading in China, wrecking havoc in the Chinese economy and considerable damages to the world economy. It’s not the 1st, and I forecast that it won’t be the last either. Indeed, even if air pollution is not directly what has caused this disease, which seem to be originated by bats, it’s never the less most probable that the country with the most polluted air in the world is the nest for such viruses. A population whose lungs are affected by many pulmonary diseases is very likely to be the cradle of new pulmonary viruses;

Pulmonary viruses are airborne

therefore, airliners are the ideal environment for contagion. No wonder all the air companies have soon suspended flights to China.

Private jets are the solution, at least for some people

Nevertheless, some people are compelled to fly to China even with such health emergency. Think about engineers who have to supervise factories which belong to foreign companies, businessmen, chief operating officers, and so on. A private jet is thus the safest means of transportation to fly to China, back and forth.