Hire a private jet: the good practices

The charter broker is the link between the customer and the operator, thanks to his network he can find the best offer among the multitude of private aircraft he has access to and find an availability in a short time. His expertise also allows him to know the aircraft, the airports and their procedures, as well as the operators.


In addition to the essential information such as airport of departure and destination, dates and times, number of passengers and if animals will be part of the trip, there are important details that will allow your charter broker to find the most suitable solution for you:

Are you flexible on the date, departure time?
The price and availability of an aircraft may vary from a day to another or even hour to hour, so it’s important to indicate if you’re flexible, while indicating your preferences.

What is the male/female ratio on the flight, are there children among the passengers?
The weight is an extremely important factor, indeed, it has an impact on the amount of fuel that will have to be carried, as well as on the range of the aircraft. If children or women (usually lighter than men) are on board, we recommend that you tell your charter broker who can share the information with the operator.

Do you have a preference for the plane, the seats? Do you need specific facilities/equipment?
If you want or need a fully reclining seat, a luggage compartment accessible from the cabin, if you want to fly on the very new HondaJet, etc., you can share it with your charter broker, he will do everything possible to find the option that suits you best.

How much luggage will you have with you? What is their size, weight?
We have seen above the weight is important, but if you intend to travel with a large amount of luggage it is important to indicate it when booking. Indeed, although you can usually travel with more luggage than during a commercial flight, luggage compartments have a limit, so depending on the amount of luggage, a device with a larger cargo hold may be chosen.