Private plane Cessna SkyCourier maiden flight

With a cruising speed of 370 km / h (230 mph), a power of 2200 horses, a capacity of 19 passengers, this plane from Cessna seems very interesting as a private plane. Especially since Cessna is still very good value for money.

Cessna SkyCourier flies

The twin-engine turboprop Cessna SkyCourier took off for the first time on Sunday morning. A number of orders should already be available for the high-decker.

A solid private aircraft

The twin turboprop prototype Cessna SkyCourier first took off from Beech Field on the Textron Aviation site in Wichita on the morning of May 17 2020. Led by senior test pilot Corey Eckhart and chief test pilot Aaron Tobias, the private plane twin flew for two hours and 15 minutes. “We were very satisfied with the performance of the Cessna SkyCourier during its entire maiden flight,” said Eckhart. “It was particularly impressive to see how stable the aircraft was during take-off and landing,” emphasized the test pilot. The Cessna SkyCourier already shows a high level of maturity in its flight characteristics, especially for a first flight. A total of six aircraft are included in the approval test program.

Already 50 orders

A FedEx order for 50 copies of the high-decker and an option for 50 additional copies should already be available. When cruising, the SkyCourier is said to fly at speeds of up to 200 knots (230 mph). The plane is powered by two 1100 hp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65SC turboprop engines with 110-inch McCauley propellers. The cockpit is equipped with a Garmin G1000 NXi flight deck.

Both for passengers and freight

The turboprop high-decker, which can be configured for both freight and commuter operation, is designed for a payload of up to 2700 kg and has a large cargo door and a spacious cabin to accommodate three standard LD3 air cargo containers. In a passenger configuration, the SkyCourier will offer space for up to 19 passengers, the rear cabin area also offers enough space for luggage and equipment, according to the manufacturer. A version for passengers and freight in combination should also be available.

“I am proud of the way the team has weathered the disruption caused by the global Covid 19 pandemic and focused on getting us to this point,” said Ron Draper, CEO of Textron Aviation. “The Cessna SkyCourier will be an excellent product in its segment due to its combination of cabin flexibility, payload capacity, superior performance and low operating costs. Our customers will be very satisfied with the experience they have with this aircraft,” said Ron Draper.