Cessna Citation XLS / XLS +, the world’s best selling private jet

Cessna Citation XLS-2
Cessna Citation XLS

Why this private jet is a rental champ

  • It’s the best selling private jet, having sold more than 1,000 units so far
  • it’s very comfortable, with triple panel, windows, excellent acoustic insulation and good headroom
  • it’s got one of the largest baggage capacity among midsized private jets
  • operational costs are about 15% lower than the average midsize private jet
  • it can take off in barely 1085 m, less than most competitors
Cessna Citation XLS - cabin
Cessna Citation XLS – cabin

Cessna Citation XLS history

Cessna launched Citation Excel, the series’s first aircraft, in 1998. Over the next ten years, numerous performance enhancements and cabin upgrades culminated in the delivery of the XLS and later, in 2008, the XLS +. The Citation XLS + offers the wide range of all Excel aircraft in the Super Light category, creating nearly 3500 km of uninterrupted flight. It also has an extremely spacious cabin that can easily accommodate 8 passengers, with 6 single seats and a two-seater front sofa. The XLS + also flies at high speed and is certified for landing on short airfields that are not accessible to larger aircraft but are often closer to the actual destination of your journey. Efficient, comfortable and direct, Cessna‘s latest model Excel series is ideal for short-haul flights and is particularly popular for intra-European flights, e.g. for business trips or weekend trips.

Cessna Citation XLS-hourly cost
Cessna Citation XLS-hourly cost

The spacious cabin of the Citation XLS+ is comparable to the interior of a midsize-jet. It features a comfortable headroom. Up to nine passengers can enjoy the flight in the comfortable expanded leather seats. Because of a huge luggage compartment this jet is perfect for golfing – and skiing trips.


SAT phone • WiFi on board • Cabin inflight entertainment • Full refreshment center • Fully enclosed lavatory


Passengers 9 • Airstrip 969 m • Starting takeoff distance 1085 m • Purchase price $ 11.86 million •
Crew 2 (pilot / copilot) • Running costs $ 1,769 per hour • Engines 2 × Pratt & Whitney PW545C


Range: 1,997 nm|3,700 km • Maximum cruise speed: 441 kt|817 km/h • Certified ceiling: 45,000 ft|13,716 m Thrust 2 × 18.32 kN (4119 lbs)
Cabin • Passenger capacity: 8 +1 • Cabin length: 18.60 ft|5.64 m • Cabin height: 5.71 ft|1.73 m • Cabin width: 5.51 ft|1.68 m • Baggage capacity: 90 ft³|2.5 m³