Choosing to charter a private jet is an experience many people dream of. Movies and TV programs have always shown this service as something luxurious, giving an unparalleled level of comfort and well-being. And this is exactly the case in reality as well, because this type of service provides a level of quality and benefits that commercial air travel cannot.

For those who are seasoned travelers or those who are curious to find out everything there is to know about what it is like to fly on a private jet, in this article we will provide every detail regarding what you need to expect from this type of flight.

How do private flights work?

Booking a private jet flight involves a different process than choosing a commercial flight.

In fact, private flights allow an itinerary to be planned either months in advance or within hours of departure. This is a service that can be fully customized so that it can be tailored to your schedule and needs. In addition, the airline involved in arranging the flight sends the passenger a detailed form via e-mail, within which information concerning the pilot and crew is included. No worries, then, about the ticket.

What to do to fly a private jet

Flying a private jet involves some very specific steps. The first step is to know all the details of the trip, i.e., dates, times and the number of people who will need to board the aircraft.

Next, you will receive some solutions from the person coordinating the flight, which should be examined by considering the advantages and disadvantages. Some features that can be evaluated, during this step, are the size of the aircraft, the usefulness of having an attendant on board, and so on.

After clarifying these elements, you need to communicate the three solutions you like best, because availability in this area changes rapidly. In this regard, it is important to carefully consult the trip cancellation terms, which can be found within the contract sent by the charter.

Finally, after signing the contract and paying, you need to share the list of passenger names, which is essential in order to depart.

All the advantages of choosing a private jet to Split

The reasons for preferring a private jet instead of a commercial flight are many. One of these is the ability to choose the schedule and arrival airport that best suits your needs.

This benefit includes avoiding the long and tiring lines at terminals and gates. Plus, you can really relax and enjoy the trip because you will be flying surrounded by the people you choose to take aboard the aircraft. During the journey, it is also possible to work and talk in total freedom, without worrying about invading the privacy of other passengers.

Having no distractions, therefore, allows any kind of work to be completed, something that would be much more difficult traveling on a commercial flight.

But the advantages of opting for a private jet to Split do not end there. This type of service, in fact, enables:

An exclusive experience surrounded by comfort and luxury;

safety, thanks to the attention and professionalism of all the staff on board;

Personalized service, with tailored catering and attention.

The exclusive services for those who travel privately

Deciding to leave on a private jet means being able to enjoy unique and exclusive services and features that are impossible to find aboard a commercial flight.

For example, on this type of luxury aircraft, the seats are large and spacious. In addition, items such as fully equipped kitchens and comfortable bedrooms can be found. The interior, then, can be customized the way you want, choosing between a traditional look or a modern, minimalist one.

But the luxury experience of flying in a private jet already begins on the ground. In fact, this type of flight offers other personalized VIP services that include:

– The ability to take advantage of a dedicated terminal and a private check-in and screening area;

concierge service, which allows you to receive personalized assistance for all kinds of requests;

VIP lounge, which is a comfortable and refined space in which to relax and enjoy quality meals and drinks before departure.

On board, however, additional services include entertainment, with a wide selection of movies, TV series and music to make the journey more enjoyable, and Wi-Fi, essential for staying connected at all times.

How much does it cost to travel by private jet?

There are some factors that influence the cost of a private jet flight. First, affecting is the type of aircraft you decide to book. Very Light Jet models, for example, are cheaper than Mid-Size Jet and Large Jet models.

Other factors that change the final cost are the distance to be traveled, the number of passengers on board, and the day and time scheduled for departure. In addition, any extra requests on board need to be evaluated, such as, to give an example, catering service, personalized entertainment, and so on.

On average, to give an example, for a flight departing from Milan to Split, prices range from about 8 thousand euros for a Light Jet to about 14 thousand euros for a Medium Jet.

How long does it take to reach Split by private jet?

As with cost, the flight time to reach Split by private jet varies depending on several factors. The most important are the departure airport and the type of model used.

Generally, a direct flight from Milan to Split takes about an hour and 25 minutes, while from London it will take just under 2 1/2 hours and from New York between 8 and 9 hours.

It should be noted that private jets have the ability to fly at higher altitudes than normal commercial aircraft. This results in shorter flight times. In addition, traffic restrictions are also more reduced. Routes are more direct and stopovers and long waits are avoided.

What are the best planes for a private flight to Split?

To choose the best plane for a private flight to Split, several elements must be taken into account. The most important of these are the number of passengers, the distance of the route, and one’s budget.

The most common and suitable models for a trip to Split are:

– the Very Light Jets, smaller and cheaper aircraft suitable for short flights of up to 4 passengers;

– i Light Jet, the perfect compromise between size, performance and price. Popular and reliable examples are the Embraer Phenom 100, the Raytheon Premier 1A;

– the Mid-Size Jets, which are more comfortable and spacious and have a longer range for more distant destinations. Perfect for groups of 6 or 8 people. Such aircraft as the Gulfstream G150 and the Bombardier Learjet 60/60XR are part of this category.

– the Large Jets, which are larger and more luxurious and have a maximum capacity of about 16 passengers.