The growth of private flights will go on for a while

Factors driving the growth of private flights leasing:

  1. Health safety, because private flights protect us from the possibilities of viral contagion from a regular flight
  2. Private flights save a lot of time at the airport
  3. Private flights allow you to get considerably closer to your destination

All this despite pauses due to containment, or the closure of borders when the aviation skin of the coronavirus accelerates too much.

The advantages of using private flights in detail

  • It involves preferential transit in areas of uncrowded airports, with lower risk of contagion to Covid 19.
  • It allows take-off approximately 15 minutes after arrival at the airport
  • It allows you to leave the airport approximately 15 minutes after landing
  • Around the world, the number of airports usable by private jets is about 10 times the number of airports usable by airliners
  • More airports means being closer to your destination
  • The recent drop in oil prices makes private jet charter more affordable, as a private plane has a higher fuel consumption per km / passenger than an airliner
  • A private jet makes it possible to use the flight time to work, much more easily than on an airliner
  • With private flights, you are sure to be around a lot less people, and often to share the flight with people you see daily: the possibility of being contaminated by coronaviruses is very reduced.

This growth is impressive, especially when compared to traditional aviation, which has seen the number of passengers drop by more than 50% in the last half of the year, due to the coronavirus.

What’s more, there is a growing demand by the public, governments and even aircraft manufacturers to reduce the environmental footprint of civil aviation. However, the transformation of large airliners, their replacement by greener planes requires investments that airlines, on the verge of bankruptcy because of the coronavirus, will have difficulty carrying out. Especially when you consider that infrastructure, such as electric, hydrogen or biofuel charging stations, are extremely expensive to install for large airliners, but require less investment for private jets, which are on average 20 times smaller. What’s more, the common denominator of electric aircraft prototypes, whether electric or hydrogen, is that they have ranges that rarely exceed 500 km. A range which is much more suitable for private flight than for scheduled flights.

Finally, if the Covid 19 continues to be wrck havoc, airlines will still have less possibilities to invest to improve their services and reduce their prices, while private jet rental brokers are only slightly affected by the virus, and will be able to invest in order to offer their services at ever more competitive prices.