Paris St. Germain denied Kylian Mbappé a private jet

Paris vs. Madrid: no private jet, but the cash registers never sounded sweeter

No wonder footbal champions want private jets. They have to travel a lot to join their family for one or to days between matches and training camps. Moreover, if they use commercial flights, people harass them with autographs, selfies, or even nasty comments. So a private jet loks like the best choice.

Before Kylian Mbappé’s move from AS Monaco to Paris St. Germain, the clubs have thrown themselves in courting the striker with the millions. This is reported by Der Spiegel and its French cooperation partner Mediapart.

Not the sheik makes rich – but dad Mbappé

At 19, Mbappé is the superstar of the future. Accordingly hot was the French striker when he wanted to leave Monaco in the summer of 2017. Real Madrid and Paris St. Germain vied for the favor of today’s football world champion.To get the signing of Mbappé, PSG sports director Antero Henrique negotiated with father Wilfrid Paket, who has no equal. Mbappé received a signing bonus of 5 million euros from the French champion and received a 50-million-euro five-year contract. At the request of the club, the salary increases from season to season. At 7 million euros, it started in 2017/18. This season, the payments increase to 9.3 to 12 million euros in the last contract year, should the youngster then still play in the PSG jersey.

No private jet – but a housekeeper

Kylian Mbappé is not allowed to fly at the expense of the club, but somebody always takes care of his home. However, not all the wishes of the Mbappé family were fulfilled. So the French international would have liked to rise to the highest paid player in the squad, if he wins the Ballon d’Or. Instead of a maximum of 12 million euros, his wage would then be raised to the same level as the Brazilian Neymar (26), who receives 30 million euros per season. PSG declined but guaranted instead a bonus of 500,000 euros net in winning the trophy. In addition, the then 18-year-old demanded that his new employer provide him with a private jet for 50 hours a week. That was too much for PSG. Instead, Henrique approved a monthly allowance of € 30,000 for personal workers such as a caretaker, driver or bodyguard. What a bitter pill for Mbappé, which he swallowed.