10 errors to avoid during long-haul flights

A flight that lasts several hours, say more than four hours, has important consequences on the balance of our body, and even on our health, unless we take certain precautions.

Here are the errors that should absolutely be avoided, be it on a commercial flight or a private plane.

Forgetting to drink water

Because of the air conditioning, the humidity level in airplanes is about 20%, while it is normally 30% in a home, according to the World Health Organization. It is calculated that during a flight of 10 hours, we lose between 1.5 and 2 l of water. Therefore, if you do not drink as much, dehydration could cause trouble that generally goes from headache to stroke.

Drink alcoholic drinks

It is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages because they increase dehydration.

Fail to moisturize your skin

For the same reason, one must moisturize one’s skin before leaving, taking a shower, or with moisturizing products.

Drinking tea or coffee

For the simple reason that the planes water tanks are never cleaned and become a receptacle of bacteria. The tea and coffee they serve us on planes are made with water from the tank.

Staying too long on one’s seat

The seated disease promotes obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular illness: get your blood flowing by getting up to move a little, at least once an hour.

Underestimating the presence of bacteria in the plane

Not only does the reduced air circulation promote the spread of viruses and bacteria by air; it must also be taken into account that the tray in front of you is sometimes used even to change the diapers of babies. This tray, like the armrests, is often used by many travelers before being cleaned.

Breathing in case of earache

Our ears are not used to adjusting sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, such as those that occur on the plane. This can cause earache and that familiar snapping sensation. To relieve this, pinch your nose with two fingers and swallow. Do not blow, it could cause serious damage to your ears.

Mix alcohol and drugs to sleep

Ambien and, in general, all types of pharmaceuticals that facilitate sleep should never be taken in conjunction with the consumption of alcoholic beverages, as long as their effects last.

Wear inappropriate clothing

Costume and tie, uncomfortable suits and shirts, shoes that are not flexible: that’s what can make your trip more tiring.

Eat too much fat, salty or sweet

Given the dehydration caused by the air of the plane, eating salt further increases your need for water. Fats and sugars weigh down your digestion and blood circulation, already affected by the environmental conditions of the flight.