Comparison between two top private jets: Gulfstream G700 and Bombardier Global 750

If we exclude the category of large private jets like the Boeing Business Jet 737 or the Airbus ACJ320neo, which are derived directly from airliners, the Gulfstream G700 and Bombardier Global 750 are the most recent, expensive and efficient modern private jets. They both represent excellence, making it difficult to decide which one is the best from any point of view.

Some small advantages for the Bombardier Global 750

  1. First, this private jet has been in service since December 2018, while the first deliveries of the Gulfstream G700 will not take place until 2022.
  2. Then, the Bombardier Global 750 offers two fairly comfortable and unique equipments: the Nuance adjustable seats, probably the most comfortable and orthopedic in the world, and the Sun lighting system, designed to mitigate the effects of jet lag.
  3. Above all, the wings of this private jet are designed with a design that maximizes stability. In this way, we can say that the flight comfort offered by the Bombardier Global 750 is among the best, if not the best.
  4. Finally, Bombardier Global 750 needs 262 m or 450 feet less to take off, which allows it more security and the possibility of using a larger number of small airports.
  5. All of this costs $ 2 million less than the Gulfstream G700.


Range: Bombardier Global 750 advantage

  • Bombardier Global 750: 7,700 nautical miles, or 14,260 kilometers
  • Gulfstream G700: 7,500 nautical miles, or 13,890 kilometers

Capacity: substantial equality

  • Bombardier Global 750: 19 passengers, with a cabin that is 2.5 feet, therefore 65 cm longer than that of the Gulfstream G700:
  • Gulfstream G700: 19 passengers, with a cabin that is 2.5 feet, therefore 65 cm shorter than that of the Bombardier Global 750
Avionics system: substantial equality, the two private jets are equipped with the latest technologies

Motors, equivalence:

  • Bombardier G750: Two GE Passport engines, designed specifically for this private jet
  • Gulfstream G700: Two Rolls-Royce Perl engines
Cruising speed: equivalent, Mach 0.85, or 1050 km / h for both
Cruising altitude: equality, 15544 m, or 51,000 feet. Impressive.

Price: Bombardier advantage

  • Bombardier G750: $ 73 million
  • Gulfstream G700: $ 75 million

Distance required for takeoff, Bombardier Global 750 advantage.

This distance being greater than that for landing, it involves the length of the airports that can be used.

  • Bombardier G750: 5800 feet or 1.767 m
  • Gulfstream G700: 6,250 feet or 1.905 m

Distance required for landing: difficult to tell

  • Bombardier G750: 2,850 feet or 868 m
  • Gulfstream G700: 2,500 feet or 762 m, but Gulfstream does not indicate with which weight load.
Conclusion: IMHO, there is a slight advantage for the Bombardier Global 750.