Probably the most elegant & comfortable private jet: ACJ320neo

Impressive comfort of an elegant, state of the art private jet.

Derived from the most modern aircraft family, Airbus corporate jets feature the widest and tallest cabins of any business jet. The ACJ320neo aircraft have three times more space than traditional large business jets, with similar range and operating costs. With new engines and Sharklets, the ACJ320neo Family delivers better range and better comfort. ACJ’s fully customisable interiors enable you to benefit from Airbus extensive experience in cabin outfitting management, for complete peace of mind.

ACJ aircraft are also great investments that hold their value better than traditional bizjets.

Other features

  • More than 13 hours non-stop flight with 25 passengers
  • Fly smoother and higher 41,000 ft cruise altitude to avoid airline traffic and major turbulence
  • Better comfort Well below 6,400 ft average cabin altitude
  • Fly direct, work onboard ETOPS 180 min, SATCOM provision (up to 15MB wifi per pax)
  • Fly further Up to 79t MTOW Up to 5 ACTs
  • Autonomous operation – Airstairs, easy access to cargo door – Airport autonomy with integrated airstairs
  • Better capability vs. traditional business jets: Shorter Take-off distance Higher payload
  • Same parking space of a Global 7500. Cargo compartment flexibility: ACJ cargo compartments have the capacity to carry up to 251 large suitcases
  • In addition you can accommodate removable auxiliary fuel tanks. This flexibility allows you during an overnight shift to adjust your fuel needs.

Aircraft data

MTOW 79.0 t / 174,165 lb MLW 67.4 t / 148,592 lb MZFW 64.3 t / 141,757 lb
MFC 34,354 lit / 9,075 US gal (4 ACTs)
Max range 6,000 nm (25 passengers) Max cruise altitude 41,000 ft
Engines: CFM LEAP-1A or PW1127G1
Cabin length 89 ft 10 in / 27.74 m Cabin width 12 ft 2 in / 3.70 m Cabin height 7 ft 5 in / 2.25 m
Cabin fl oor area 1,033 ft² / 96m²
Enhanced ACJ features

Sharklet Standard

Airstairs Standard ACTs Up to 4
Cargo volume Up to 37.5 m³ / 1,324ft3 (0 ACT)
ETOPS Up to 180 mins Advanced avionics Standard All weather operations
including Category 3B autoland Standard
Wing span 117 ft 5 in / 35.8 m Aircraft length 123 ft 3 in / 37.57 m Height 38 ft 7 in / 11.76 m
Fuselage diameter 155.5 in / 3.95 m ACJ320neo Length: 37.57 m / 123.3 ft Cabin area: 96m2 / 1,033ft2
Range: 6,000 nm


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