Falcon 10X Dassault’s new long-haul private jet

The aircraft manufacturer brings a new private jet onto the market. The Dassault Falcon 10X should be able to fly far and, above all, offer much more comfort than the competition jets.

Almost 60 years ago Dassault expanded into a new line of business. With the Falcon 20, the French aircraft manufacturer presented its first business jet in 1963. Since then, the range has been continuously updated and expanded with new models. Most recently with the Falcon 6X, which made its maiden flight in March.

The next model followed on Thursday (May 6th). Dassault officially introduced the Falcon 10X. It is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X engines mounted next to the tail unit. When planning the new private jet, the French paid particular attention to the range.

Pleasant air pressure

With good reason. With the Global 7500, Bombardier has been offering a long-haul business jet for three years. Gulfstream plans to introduce its G700 in 2022. The Falcon 10X is to snatch away the two market shares. It can cover up to 13,900 kilometers without stopping. That is roughly the distance from Frankfurt to Perth.

In order to make the long flights pleasant for passengers and crew, Dassault has come up with a lot. The air pressure and humidity in the Falcon 10X’s cabin have been optimized. At a cruising altitude of 12,400 meters, the conditions inside the cabin are roughly the same as outside at 900 meters. In a large airliner it is around 2000 meters.

Wider cabin, bigger windows

There is also a lot of space available for the passengers. Dassault emphasizes that the cabin with a height of 2.03 meters and a width of 2.77 meters is significantly more spacious than on any other business jet, but also on some regional aircraft. This enables, for example, a bedroom, bathroom and shower to be built into the Falcon 10X.

Dassault also praises the windows, which are around 50 percent larger than the Falcon 8X. The 33.4 meter long 10X reaches a speed of up to Mach 0.925. The wingspan is 33.6 meters and the maximum take-off weight is 52 tons.

Reclining seat and technology for pilots

But not only the passengers enjoy the advantages of the private jet, the crew also get the opportunity to relax better in the new plane. The pilots’ seats can easily be converted into loungers. In this way, the two pilots can alternately relax on the flights of up to 15 hours. In addition, the manufacturer promises an ultra-modern cockpit with touchscreens and a “next-generation digital flight control system that is derived directly from Dassault’s latest military technology, which offers an unprecedented level of flight precision and protection”.