The Cessna C550 Citation Bravo : versatile, with low operating costs

Why it’s a rental champ: a bestseller, suitable for small airports and one pilot operation

In 2002, Cessna decided to redesign its most popular jet, the Citation; the Citation Bravo was born. Its long range allows it to fly from Miami to New York, from Nice to Hamburg, while it’s excellent short field capability, with reverse thrust, enables it to use small airports. High altitude performance is bolstered by its low wing loading, reducing angle of attack. The low overall operating cost of the Bravo rivals even that of the best selling turboprops. It can be flown by a single pilot, and includes the Primus 1000 Honeywell flight director and autopilot system.

Cessna Citation Bravo – cabin
Cessna Citation Bravo - cabine-2
Cessna Citation Bravo – cabin

The cabin

The cabin features two working tables, leather upholstery and excellent acoustic isolation. Contact Private jet finder to book your private flights.

Cessna Citation ii c550 Bravo
Cessna Citation ii c550 Bravo

Data for Cessna 550 Citation II

Crew 2 or 1; passengers 12

Drive: type 2 turbofan engines – Engine type Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-4 – Power per TW 11.1 kN 2500 lbf

Speed 711 km / h 384 kts – 442 mph – Mmo (Mach max) Mach 0.7

Service ceiling 13,106 m 43,000 ft – range 3,169 km 1,711 NM

1,969 mi. Curb weight 3,364 kg 7,416 lbs – Max. Take-off mass 6.033 kg 13.300 lbs

Span 15.90 m 52 ft 2 in – Wing area 30,0 m² 323 ft²

Length 14.39 m 47 ft 3 in – Height 4.57 m 14 ft 12 in

First flight 31.1.1977 – Production status: is no longer in production – Total production 667

ICAO Code C550 C551 FAA TCDS A22CE – EASA TCDS A.207

Variants: T-47, Citation II / SP, Citation S / II, Citation Bravo