Eviation’s Alice targets first flight this year

  • Eviation’s Alice, as I wrote here 3 years ago, is a most promising electric private jet
  • it would be used also for regional transport
  • its specifications are astounding: 815 km range, 410 km / h cruising speed.
  • It can carry 9 passengers
  • it boasts a cost per kilometer/passenger of less than $0.10, less than a car
  • this private jet could start a real revolution, making air transport much more affordable, silent and ecological.

Alice redesigned electric private regional jet

Eviation Aircraft has unveiled the new design for its all-electric Alice aircraft, which is scheduled to make its maiden flight this year. The production configuration was “optimized on the basis of practical experience and customer feedback”. With the new design, certification and commissioning by 2024 should now be achieved.

Alice is an aircraft for nine passengers and two crew members. It is powered by two Magni650 electric motors from Magnix, “the only flight-tested electric drive systems of this size”. The high-energy density Alice battery system is made from currently available battery cells and does not rely on future advancements, it says. The advanced fly-by-wire system is from Honeywell.

“Electric aviation will open new opportunities for affordable, sustainable regional travel around the world. Alice stands ready to make those opportunities a reality soon,” said Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO of Eviation.

Alice, which is being built at Arlington Municipal Airport north of Seattle, is said to have “zero emissions and less noise” and “significantly lower operating costs”. The range is 815 kilometers, the cruising speed should be 410 km / h.

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