The Volocopter takes off – an ideal private jet mate

The Volocopter takes off over Stuttgart

Land with a private jet charter, jump on a flying car waiting for you right on the tarmac, just fly over the traffic jam – this is still a vision of the future.  However, there was already a first test flight in a European city center: in Stuttgart a Volocopter took off for the first time.

The Volocopter is first launched in a European city center. For well over eight minutes, the electrically driven vehicle, which looks like a mixture of helicopter and drone with its 18 rotors, made its rounds in front of the Mercedes Museum. The Volocopter flew without passengers. A pilot controlled the aircraft from the ground. The flight was part of a research project on the acceptance of air taxi taxis. Involved are the Baden-Württemberg state government and the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences.

Approval for commercial operation is still missing

The carmaker Daimler is also involved in the start-up from Bruchsal. Perspectively, the taxis should fly autonomously – without human intervention. But a commercial operation of air taxis is still lacking legal approval. Volocopter boss Florian Reuter expects it in two to three years. Flights without a pilot are likely to take even longer.
Daimler boss Ola Källenius considers flying taxis a solution to the traffic problems in the metropolises. “I’m convinced that this will solve the congestion problem in cities on specific routes,” he said before the Volocopter’s test flight.

Baden-Wuerttemberg’s prime minister Winfried Kretschmann: “Optimal device”

Baden-Wuerttemberg’s prime minister Winfried Kretschmann would have no problem with it. “Of course, that would be an optimal device for me,” said the Green politician. For the moment, he was glad that people had such ideas, he praised the founders of Volocopter. “Nothing moves as much as attractive pictures for the future.”
The Bruchsal start-up is not the only company that is pursuing the vision of flying taxis. Perspectively, the taxis fly autonomously. The Volocopter had completed its completely autonomous maiden flight two years ago in Dubai.

Not only can such electric flying vehicles solve the problems of excessive traffic in cities and mitigate pollution, being environmentally friendly. They are also an ideal complement to a private jet charter. Indeed, when you land in an airport with a private jet, you still have to consider renting a car to get to your destination. Which takes a lot of time. in the future, we can get off a private jet and climb directly into a flying car that can wait for us on the runway at the airport. In a few minutes, we will be able to land a few meters from our destination.