The most unpleasant people to travel with on a plane

The 11 types of people considered most annoying on a plane

According to a recent survey by, these are the specimen who are most dreaded by travelers on a plane. They just make you wish you rented a private jet.

  • recently surveyed its readers to find out which types of passengers people find most annoying on a plane.
  • 5,300 people were surveyed, and people who stink stood out as being considered the most unpleasant by 78% of the answers.
  • Annoying kids ranked second most unpleasant
  • people who carry too many banks onboard ranked third.

Personal hygiene has probably worsened. Moreover, since check-in is mostly done by smart phone or online, airport agents come in contact with passengers only at the gates. It’s thus impossible for them to prevent people from smelling awfully.

Let’s examine with further details the passengers whom flyers will want to travel with, according to the readers of

11. Those who litter floor and seats : 28%.

10. Window hogger: 39%. They can literally blind the window with a hat, a magazine or whatever it takes to prevent you from looking outside.

9. High and mighty passengers: 42%. Their size itself is a problem, considering the narrow space that airline seats allow for passengers.

8. Exercise in the aisles: 45%. Exercise is good for your health, especially on long flights. The problem is, everybody should care for other people’s comfort as well.

7. The chatterbox: 48%. They just can’t stop talking, sometimes even loudly.

6. Weak bladder: 50%. With them, it’s hard having access to the toilets. Their frequent trips back and forth are annoying too.

5. Too many carry-ons: 55%. You wonder why then didn’t travel with a camping car.

4. Armrest hogger: 60%. They can stretch their arms or their elbows wide open, compelling you to lean sideways to avoid physical contact.

3. Seat recliner: 65%. They can recliner their set to the point of feeling your breath on their heads.

2. Out-of-control kids: 69%. Some little brats can be a permanent nuisance.

1. Smelly passengers: 78%. Some stink so awfully, that you think that you could see it.

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