Airports and airlines, not always punctual

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Airports, in Japan the most punctual, but the surprise is Minsk

Oag published the ranking of airports and companies able to better respect the schedule in 2018. Among the carriers, a small company in Panama wins; Qantas and Latam the first big. The Old Continent (Klm the best among the big ones) does not come out well from the study. Not even in the low-cost category. Most punctual airports? In Japan, and the fact is not that much surprising, but the absolute winner is the airport of the Belarusian capital Minsk. If we talk about airlines, the surprise comes from Panama, where Copa Airlines records, for 2018, the highest punctuality index, with 89.8% of flights departing or arriving within fifteen minutes from the schedule. In second place, still a name from the North-Eastern Europe, the Latvian Air Baltic, while Qantas, the sixth, is the first company of global level, in front of Chilean Latam. To close, in order, the absolute top 10, we find two other major vectors, in the order Qatar and Klm. Alitalia is not doing badly, twentieth absolute, fourth European, with 82.87 percent of flights able to hit the target of the study. These are the data on punctuality photographed for 2018 by OAG Aviation Worldwide LTD.

The analysis examined 58 million flights recorded in the year just ended, a 2018 in which 4.3 billion passengers were transported, 6.1 percent more than in 2017, with a value – at its record time – 81.9 percent, for the employment index of total available seats. Data that is only the beginning of a boom destined to continue, if it is true that in 2037 passengers are expected to have almost doubled – 8.2 billion. In a context of growing competition, punctuality is assuming a role of increasing importance among the quality indicators to be banned for the various carriers. Returning to

Rankings of airlines

the rankings, among the airlines the podium is completed by Hong Kong Airlines; follow Hawaiian Arilines, Bangkok Airlines and Qantas. Seventh the Chilean Latam, then Azul (Brazil), and, as mentioned, Qatar and Klm. At the level of “mega-companies”, where Qantas is not included (it would be the first), Latam precedes All Nippon, Japan Airlines and Delta. British Airways, with a punctuality rate of just over 75 percent, is tenth, ahead of Sas and Turkish, preceded by Southwest, United, and American in the order. Among the names known to Italians and Europeans, easyJet, thirteenth, precedes Air France, while Lufthansa is eighteenth. Alitalia, which does not appear among the major companies, is the fourth overall in Europe, behind Baltic, Klm and Iberia. In the ranking reserved only for low-cost airlines, the Brazilian Azul commands, the absolute eighth with 85 flights out of 100 parties or arrived within the quarter of an hour from the schedule. On the podium Jetstar Asia and another oriental, the Japanese Solassed. Transavia, the sixth, and Norwegian, 18h, are the only European top 20.


Passing to the airports, OAG divides them into five categories, by number of passengers per year. The absolute winner, however, is the Minsk National Airport of the Belarusian capital. The absolute winner – and first in the category of small airports (2.5-5 million places leaving the year) has recorded a punctuality index of 92.35 percent, outclassing the category competition: the Arab Abha and the Mexican (Baja California) San José del Cabo, on the podium, are separated by about six points. No Italian in the top 20, first European – excluding Tenerife North, fifth – Liverpool airport, seventh.

Medium airports

Among the medium airports (5-10 million) Panama City (91.11 percent) precedes Dammam (Arabia) and Viracopos, the third airport of São Paulo in Brazil. Linate, tenth at 83.5, is the first European in the category, in a top 20 that at the continental level includes only Berlin Schönfeld. Osaka (88.22 percent) leads the top 20 large airports (10-20) million, ahead of the Hawaiian Honolulu and Brasilia. Athens fourteenth and first European airport. In the mayor (20-30 million), Moscow Sheremetyevo (87 percent) is ahead of Doha and Minneapolis. To find another European airport you have to go down to nineteenth place, where there is the Leonardo da Vinci: Fiumicino records a punctuality index of just over 74 percent.

Mega hubs

Among the mega (hubs with over 30 million seats) Tokyo Haneda, with an index at 85.62 percent) precedes Atlanta (82.23) and Singapore Changi (80.70). Then Denver, Los Angeles and, first European, Madrid, at 79.16%. In top 10 Dallas / Fort Worth, Amsterdam Schiphol, Bangkok and Chicago O’Hare, immediately followed by Istanbul Ataturk and JFK New York. Heathrow is fifteenth, Munich and Frankfurt respectively seventeenth and nineteenth.