Private jets, target of anti-climate change propaganda!

One would think that naysayers, people who deny man-made climate change, would criticize electric cars, renewable energies and so forth. As a matter of fact, they criticize private jets as well.

Each time some personality campaigning to prevent climate change flies on private jet, numerous voices rise to label that person an hypocrite.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle harshly criticized for flying in a private jet to promote climate change prevention.

Google search: Prince-Harry and Megan Markle on private jet
Google search: Prince-Harry and Megan Markle on private jet

Yes, jets burn fossil fuel; but less than cars, as I wrote here, per 100/kilometers passenger: not even than 3 L, on average. That means that a car, to be more fuel-efficient, should carry at least 2 passengers. Now, I can’t quote figures for private jets, since their consumption varies a lot following the model, and I must admit that their a bit higher, since private jets are lighter than airliners, but but carry less passengers per ton of their weight.

So, is pointless to pretend that a green activist should avoid flying. But if we are to pretend that these people should not use private jets, preferring airliners to be more ecological, I’d like to point out a few facts.

1st, let me quote Prince Harry: “I fly 9% of times with airliners. I use a private jet only when the safety of my family demands it.” Is that an excuse? No way. Just imagine him and Megan Markle boarding a flight with a couple of hundred passengers. You think they would leave them alone? The best case scenario: they would have 2 put up with too many comments and autograph demands. Worst-case: they could be verbally agressed, or annoyed by journalists, bloggers. Not to mention selfie hunters. Anyway, it turned out that the Royal couple flew on a jet lent by Elton John, who promptly defended them.

Harry’s and Megan’s private flight is like Greta Thundberg’s plastic bottle.

This planet anti-ecological gossip mongers took a shot at Greta Thundberg too. They spotted a plastic water bottle in a photo portraying the younger green activist during her trip to the USA, on a sailboat. Yes plastic bottles should be avoided, I drink tap water everyday. Still, glass water bottles or containers can easily break on a sailboat, where shocks are hard and frequent. So, calling this girl an hypocrite for that, is like calling me an hypocrite because I’m writing this post to defend her with a plastic keyboard! Because, some polluting stuff can be easily replaced. A coal burning electric power plant can be replaced by renewables, internal combustion engines can be replaced by electric ones, but electric planes are still a long way down the road.