Six private jets of sports champions among the most luxurious


  • Sports champions and athletes often buy private jets
  • on the one hand, they need to travel frequently for competitions
  • on the other hand, their popularity makes it difficult to travel on airliners undisturbed
  • here are six world champions’ private jets, probably the most luxurious
  • Schumacher, considered the greatest pilot of all time, bought this Falcon 2000 for $ 22 million.

David Beckham is arguably the most popular English footballer of recent decades. Having a net worth estimated at 400 million dollars, it is normal that he bought himself a Bombardier Challenger 350 to travel comfortably. This private jet cost $ 25 million.

Lewis Hamilton has been a seven-time Formula One World Champion, most recently in 2020, being the reigning world champion. To travel between England, his country, and the various countries where the Formula 1 Grand Prix are held, he bought a Bombardier 605, custom red, for $ 35 million.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was seven times Mister Olimpia, and also world bodybuilding champion. Elected governor of California, he is committed to the fight against global warming. That did not prevent him from purchasing a Gulfstream III, priced at $ 35 million.

Magic Johnson is a United States basketball champion who has been voted Best Basketball Player of the Year three times. Its Gulfstream III costs $ 40 million.

Probably the only true billionaire on this list, Michael Jordan is a basketball legend. He won six championships with the Chicago Bulls. His private jet is  a Gulfstream IV, priced at $ 50 million.

Tiger Woods is possibly the greatest golf champion of all time. With an estimated heritage of $ 800 million, he bought himself a Gulfstream G 550, priced at $ 53 million.