Why private flights are safer than flying on airliners

Safety is an important matter when it comes to flying. In the 80s, it was estimated that air traffic was roughly 20% diminished because of the fear of flying. Now that fear has ebbed away, since most people have already flown several times. Flights are cheaper and often the best way to reach a destination, in most cases much faster and cheaper than traveling by car or even by train. Nevertheless, we’ve got just one life, and most airplane accidents are lethal, that’s why people do take into account safety when choosing a flight.

Private flights grant more safety than commercial flights

It is estimated that more than 4 billion passengers flew during each of the last 3 years prior to 2020, when air traffic was hampered by  Covid 19. Even if terrorists or people with criminal intentions are a very tiny percentage of this huge crowd, checking out passengers is vital to prevent catastrophic airplane accidents. Obviously, when we hire a private jet, we fly with much fewer people, and it’s much easier for a private flights chartering company to check out thoroughly every single passenger. Oftentimes, our flight companions belong to our family, friends or colleagues.

With a private flight, you can delay your takeoff or landing in case of dangerous weather

I will know if you’ve ever noticed, but a very consistent share of air accidents take place because of bad weather conditions, especially in the winter. Now, if there is a storm, you can well ask the pilot of the plane you chartered to delay the departure until the storm calms down. Idem for landing, you can delay it in most cases. With an airliner is impossible. The need to respect very tight schedules sometimes compels airliners to takeoff and land despite awful weather conditions, which causes tragic accidents.

Private flights can offer friendly, familiar crews

With private flights, you can know the name and the qualification of your pilots before boarding, even before hiring the plane. Especially if you are a frequent flyer, you can often fly with the same crew. So they will know your preferences, where it comes to drinks, or special needs like headphones or a vegetarian food.

Private flights offer better entertaining systems

When you hire a private jet, you can choose one equipped with entertaining systems you prefer, be it a large choice of movies  and music, large screens or powerful Internet connections.

You can choose your aircraft

Private charter companies give you the opportunities of choosing the aircraft you’re going to hire. When flying with airlines, you’ve got to accept the aircraft they provide you. Sometimes it can be quite old, or a type of plane that you find unpleasant for some reasons. Some planes are more stable than others, or more silent, even a bit more comfortable. Everybody can have his good reasons to prefer an aircraft over the other.




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