Nice – Ibiza flights, is it better to charter a private jet or a helicopter?

Nice in the French Riviera and Ibiza in the Balearic Islands are two of the most popular destinations during summer vacation. Both are coveted destinations for upscale tourism that chooses to spend their vacations by the sea. Many travelers wish to travel between these two destinations while avoiding the traffic and chaos of airports and ports. Chartering a private jet or helicopter to fly between Nice is Ibiza is the ideal solution for traveling between these two destinations, comfortably in luxury and style.

Which private jet to charter to fly from Nice to Ibiza

As with the Ibiza – Saint Tropez route we wrote about in this article.

, also for the
Nice – Ibiza
the light jet is one of the best private aircraft to charter. It is a short route of about 772 km that requires no stopovers, to be flown in 1 hour and 34 minutes. In such cases, a light and maneuverable aircraft is the best choice.

One of the most rented private jet models on Privatejetfinder is the

Dassault Falcon 10 / 100

a 7-seat light jet with high performance and a stylish and luxurious interior. This is a classic choice for discerning travelers who wish to fly aboard a genuine gem.

Rent a helicopter for the route Nice – Ibiza

Alternatively, many travelers prefer to charter a private helicopter to fly from Nice to Ibiza. This choice is also great; the helicopter is an ideal means of landing at small airports. However, this is not the case with Ibiza Airport serving the Balearic Islands, as this is a major airport with large runways suitable for any type of aircraft. in any case, the helicopter has the advantage of being able to land not only at the airport, but also at the island’s various heliports and landing areas.

One of the best helicopters for flying from Nice to Ibiza is the Augusta Westend 109 C.
This lightweight, twin-engine, versatile, high-performance helicopter is one of the most sought-after by discerning travelers. This model
109 C is one of the developed variants of the series most valued for its combination of speed, agility and comfort. The spacious and well-maintained interior, is the Augusta Westend 109 C one of the most widely used helicopters for VIP transportation.

Better private plane or helicopter?

This is entirely a personal choice; both a light jet like the Falcon 10 / 100 and a helicopter like the ‘AW109 C are ideal aircraft for short routes. Both can carry up to 7 passengers, and comfort on board is extremely high in both cases. Obviously the light jet is faster, so it arrives sooner; the helicopter, however, makes for a much more scenic trip.

The light jet needs a runway, while the helicopter is able to take off vertically and is therefore more versatile. Referring to the route between Nice and Ibiza, the helicopter has the advantage of being able to land at the various heliports scattered around the island, possibly, avoiding vehicular traffic. The only downside of flying by helicopter compared to the light jet is the shorter range, which may, force a refueling stop.

Renting with Privatejetfinder

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