The new ACJ220, a most likely successful private jet

  • very light thanks to the composite materials used
  • comfortable thanks to very powerful Wi-Fi, electro-chromatic windows and LED lighting
  • a flexible catalog with a range of 100 fittings
  • able to use airports reserved for planes with much less cabin space
  • quiet and fuel efficient

Private jets or airliners, the coronavirus has changed habits

The covid19 pandemic has changed the habits of travelers. Because of the bans, it’s harder and more complicated to travel to other continents. What is more, the longer the trip, the greater the possibility and especially the fear of viral contagion. Not to mention that the prospect of falling ill thousands of miles from home is far from reassuring. That’s why it’s especially long-haul travel that has suffered.

Aircraft manufacturers have sought to adapt to new trends. Airbus saw growing demand for its A220, initially produced as Bombardier CSeries, a civilian airliner designed by Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace that entered commercial service on July 15, 2016. Afterwards, Airbus purchased the production plants and the right to produce the aircraft with the name Airbus A220. A lightweight, quiet and fuel-efficient, practical jet for short trips that can easily cover trips up to 5650 nm / 10,500 km. Able to carry 210 to 135 passengers depending on the model, it is well suited to the flow of passengers reduced due to the pandemic. It goes without saying that even a private jet has to meet these new demands, hence the opportunity to launch the ACJ220.

The Xtra Large Bizjet

Airbus Corporate Jets has launched the ACJ 220 business jet, creating a whole new market segment “The Xtra Large Bizjet”. “This offer includes for the first time a catalog of flexible cabins, meeting the requirements of the heavy and long-haul business aircraft categories.

“We are proud to expand the ACJ product line with the launch of ACJ TwoTwenty. The aircraft combines intercontinental autonomy, unparalleled personal space and comfort for all passengers. This latest technology platform offers unbeatable cost-effectiveness and unmatched reliability, ”said Benoit Defforge, President of ACJ. “Given its compelling market appeal, we are seeing promising demand for this aircraft in the growing business jet market.”

While occupying the same parking space and being able to take off from the same airports as competing business jets, the ACJ TwoTwenty will offer three times the cabin space, but with a third less operating costs benefiting from performance of the latest Airbus A220 family. The A220 Family is the quietest, cleanest and most environmentally friendly aircraft in its class, with a 50% lower noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft and up to 25% less fuel consumption.

The ACJ TwoTwenty is a clean-designed aircraft, based on the Airbus A220-100, featuring advanced materials and advanced technologies. The cabin will offer twice the connectivity of its competitors, a Wi-Fi system throughout the cabin and the latest innovations such as electro-chromatic windows and LED lighting.

The ACJ TwoTwenty will have an increased range allowing the aircraft to fly up to 5650 nm / 10500 km (6390 km for the A220 – 100 version), more than 12 hours of flight, directly connecting pairs of cities like London and Los Angeles, Moscow and Jakarta, Tokyo and Dubai as well as Beijing and Melbourne, benefiting the entire A220 program.

Comlux, with its ACJ Approved Finishing Center in Indianapolis and a proven track record in fitting and upgrading VIP interiors, has been selected as the exclusive partner for fitting out the first 15 cabins of the latest addition to the ACJ program. Leveraging Comlux’s long experience in business aircraft operations as well as cabin layouts, its knowledgeable finishing team team up with ACJ’s Head of Creative Design, Sylvain Mariat. He is recognized for creating the most innovative flight experiences.

With unparalleled personal space with 73 m² / 785 ft² of floor space spread over six large VIP living areas, ACJ TwoTwenty offers selected interior designs and handcrafted furnishings. The cabin will allow up to 18 passengers to work, share, dine and relax at their discretion thanks to its versatility and options tailored to their needs and tastes – all under the slogan “Reimagine your place in the sky” Airbus Corporate Jets is putting all its knowledge of cabin design into this new aircraft, supported by experience, having already delivered approximately 90 turnkey cabin solutions over several decades to the most demanding customers around the world.

Airbus supports more than 500 airline and business jet customers with one of the world’s largest support networks, including tailor-made services for business aircraft needs. More than 200 Airbus business jets are in service on all continents, including Antarctica.

First six orders

Airbus Corporate Jets has won its first orders for the ACJ TwoTwenty totaling six aircraft after launch. While Comlux revealed an order for two planes, four more planes were ordered by undisclosed customers. The commissioning of Comlux Aviation’s first ACJ TwoTwenty is scheduled for early 2023.

The new ACJ TwoTwenty will feature a premium VIP cabin interior, backed by a flexible cabin catalog, in which Comlux has selected the business lounge and guest lounge as well as a private entertainment area and a private suite, including a bathroom. The cabin will be equipped with large flat seats, an American king-size bed, a standing rain shower, a humidification system for well-being on board and state-of-the-art connectivity.

“We are proud to be the launch customer of the newest member of the Airbus family, ACJ TwoTwenty, and the selected partner to outfit the cabin at our finishing center in Indianapolis. We have worked together with ACJ and shared our long experience in the operation and construction of all types of aircraft, to enable the new Bizjet to offer more comfort and the latest cabin innovations available in the industry. ”Said Richard Gaona, Executive Chairman and CEO of Comlux. “Thanks to the unique combination of intercontinental range, comfort, additional space and unparalleled economy, we are convinced that the aircraft will be a winner in the business aviation market. .

“We are honored to see our long-time customer Comlux become the launch customer of our new ACJ TwoTwenty as well as our cabin finishing partner for the program,” said Benoit Defforge, President of ACJ. “Our new Extra Large Bizjet will complement the Comlux portfolio perfectly – and we are confident that the aircraft will become a flagship addition to their fleet. Airbus supports more than 500 airline and business jet customers with one of the world’s largest support networks, including services tailored to the needs of business aircraft. More than 200 Airbus business jets are in service on all continents, including Antarctica.