Private and passenger jets and planes, test your knowledge

Can you recognize private jets, and airliners? Test yourself!

Use the mouse to drag the labels under the corresponding aircraft. Help yourself with the numbered descriptions for each label, below the image.

The number of each description corresponds to that of the label of the aircraft in question

1. This private jet made in France combines power and comfort. It is the only one, among private jets, to offer a special feature regarding its jet engines.
2. Arguably one of the more famous private jets in the late 1990s; when it entered the market, it was the business jet with the greatest range. Its manufacturer stands out for its private jets with large windows.
3. The only private jet manufactured by a car manufacturer.
4. Made in Brazil, in 2010 dethroned the Cessna Mustang to become the best-selling private jet in the world.
5. It is the only private jet in the world capable of landing and taking off on an unpaved runway.
6. Single-engine turboprop manufactured in Switzerland.
7. The world’s best-selling single-piston engine.
8. Twin-engine turboprop from a famous manufacturer of small private planes.
9. There is only one in the world, but it is very famous.
10. The leading electric aircraft by speed, range and number of orders already received.
11. With revolutionary technology, this concept of airliner allows fuel savings of at least 20%.
12. An electric plane widely used by flight schools.
13. Twin-jet turboprop engine manufactured in Italy.
14. It is the fastest private jet in the world, at 1,194 km / h.
15. The world’s best-selling private jet.
16. Turboprop passenger plane built by an Italian-European company
17. An actor who owns at least five private jets and a private airport.
18. Airbus single-aisle airliner also available as a private jet.
19. Historically the best-selling Boeing airliner.
20. This airliner is Boeing’s biggest commercial failure.