In-flight internet access: a priority for business passengers

Technology is revolutionizing the way passengers travel with private jets.

Although it was at first to save time, today the technological progresses make it possible to have a real flying office for business passengers.

In-flight internet access is no longer considered as optional on private aircraft: it is a necessary tool, expected by the passengers, especially to improve their in-flight productivity. The three main uses of internet on board are:
– E-mail consultation,
– Web browsing,
– Communication on social networks.

The average internet speed is 55 MPS on the ground, and 1.7/2.0 in flight. The introduction of satellite systems using the Ka band is at the heart of the discussions among market players. The Ka band allows a faster and cheaper internet access for aircraft manufacturers.

Bombardier is the first manufacturer to have equipped its new business jets, including the Challenger 650 (mid-range and long-haul) with this technology, allowing high speed internet access. By 2030, 98% of business jets will have a wifi access.

When you book your private jet, do not hesitate to tell us if you need an internet connection on board.