This EVTOL cruises like a jet – 29000 ft. for 1,380 miles at 345 mph!

Electric private planes with vertical take-off, or EVTOL, are experiencing an explosive development. Indeed, the start-ups that produce it are multiplying, and protagonists of civil aviation have already invested billions of dollars not only in highly order, but also with firm orders, such as the 150 private planes ordered by Airlines to the Californian ARCHER. I call it private jet, because I am convinced that there will be a great boom in private jet rental, both as a complement to the private jet, to get from airports to its destination in a few minutes, avoiding traffic and car rental, but also for journeys of less than 300 km which are not sufficiently economically suitable in the case of private jet rental. Nevertheless, the weight of the batteries in relation to their energy efficiency, at least 13 times lower than that of kerosene, constitutes an obvious limit to their development, especially for journeys exceeding 200 kilometers.

Electric plane with vertical take-off: the hybrid is the solution? Dazzling performances

I had already written here about the XTI TriFan 600. Indeed, it is about a real private plane, because it is the only one to offer a range greater than 300 km, exactly 2221 km or 1.380 miles, at the astonishing speed of 345 miles per hour or 555 km / h, which makes it suitable for use as a private plane, being able to connect cities like Paris and Hamburg, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, etc. All this thanks to hybrid propulsion, combining electric motors for the propellers and a fuel-powered electricity generator. Its manufacturer XTI Aircraft has just announced to merge with Xeriant Aerospace, another American medium-sized company which builds airplanes, having a market capitalization of 50 million dollars.

A high performing team and leaders

However, when it comes to evaluating the possibilities of success of a start-up, one should take a look at the competence of its leaders. In the case of XTI TriFan 600, we are reassured. Its team, which includes Charlie Johnson, former president of Cessna, chief engineer Dave Gambill, head of Leonardo helicopter development, former president of AugustaWestland North America Mr. LaBelle, and Dr. James Wang, advisor Chief Technical Officer and former head of R&D at Leonardo, have collectively launched 35 planes.

FAA certification expected in 2024

The FAA, the federal aviation authority of the USA, should certify this aircraft already in 2024. To be continued.