Flying with pets, risks of transporting them in the cargo hold

Spending time alone in the cargo hold of an airplane, albeit in a pressurized and air-conditioned, is not a pleasant feeling for a dog or any other animal.

All pet owners do not choose light-heartedly to part with their four-legged friend for the duration of the trip without the opportunity to care for him or her. In the case of short routes, obviously the discomfort will last less time, but if the flight lasts several hours, it risks turning into a torture, sometimes dangerous, for our beloved pet.

Airlines allow smaller pets (maximum ten kilograms) to travel on board as long as they are kept in an approved pet carrier, while forcing larger pets to travel crammed into the cargo hold. Although by now the aircraft holds of the best Companies are all equipped with air conditioning and pressurization systems that make the environment suitable for animal transport, everyone knows that a dog is certainly not a piece of luggage and will certainly spend the trip in the cargo hold in an uncomfortable situation.

What risks does the dog traveling in the cargo hold face?

Theoretically, the risks of traveling in the cargo hold for a medium-sized dog are not high, but they are always there.

  • First of all, it depends a lot on the type of dog and character. Some dogs they detest loneliness, so just having to spend the entire trip without the master could be a source of discomfort for him.
  • Our dog may be afraid during the flight and may even experience panic, also caused by air displacement, turbulence or the other animals
  • Finally, other problems that a dog locked in the cargo hold of an airplane might experience are breathing difficulties (especially for dogs with camused noses such as bulldogs, pugs, and molossoids.
  • The dangerous consequences associated with pressurization inside the cargo hold.

Cases of illnesses experienced by dogs transported in the cargo holds of airliners are not uncommon, animals that are in danger of dying from fear, from panic or from suffocation. Almost trivial risks that would not exist if the pet could stay by its owner’s side.

How to book a private flight with our dog?

The ideal solution for traveling with your pet by your side is a private flight. Deciding to take your dog on vacation by having him or her travel on an airplane is a responsibility that only the owner can take on by assessing the health condition of his or her animal friend before boarding. Dogs, cats, ferrets and all so-called pets play a very important role in our lives so it is right to look for the best solution for safe and comfortable travel for them as well.

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