Seven tips against flying fear

This is how you minimize nervousness on the plane.

The freedom above the clouds seems limitless – but all the fears and worries remain hidden there? Opinions often diverge. Although leaving the floor triggers feelings of happiness in some, it in turn causes a feeling of discomfort in the abdominal area in others. You can read here how to best deal with the fear of flying. Although the plane is considered the safest form of transportation, statistics show that one in three people enter the plane with their knees shaking. Whether it’s because we have to cede control to the pilot, have seen too many Hollywood movies, or have already had traumatic experiences due to severe turbulence – the fear of flying can really spoil the start of a vacation. Read my tips against the fear of flying and say goodbye to palpitations and panicked sweats.

The best tips against flying fear

Rationally, flying is very reassuring!

Indeed, accident rates per kilometer traveled are dramatically lower for airplanes than for cars, trains and coaches. For example, in 2011, 32,367 people died and 80,000 were injured in the United States from car crashes, while there were no fatalities from aircraft crashes in the same year.

Drink a lot

You can even drink before boarding, to have more choices and save money. The dry air of the plane causes some dehydration, which accentuates all kinds of discomfort, even psychological. Be careful, alcoholic drinks increase dehydration!

The right seat is what matters!

With most airlines, you can choose a seat when you check in. It’s even better with private flights! If you suffer from claustrophobia or dizziness, I recommend a seat in the aisle. Here you have the most legroom and you can stretch out. You can avoid psychological fears of being locked up, and you are spared a dizzying gaze out the window here. Especially the places in the front area up to the wing are very quiet.

Comfortable clothes can make a difference

Although the departure date is still a few days away, are you already feeling an uncomfortable tingling sensation? I can understand that it’s not nice to be stuck in a tight seat for hours – and that’s why I have some great advice for you on how you can at least make yourself comfortable.

Dress in comfortable clothes, such as sweatpants, and pull on some loose tops. If you don’t want to walk so clothed all day, you can also change quickly in the airport washroom or on the plane. You can believe me: nothing is more annoying on a flight than too tight pants with a belt that cuts. If you already know in advance that you will have to fight sweats and cold attacks, you can quickly take them off.

Distraction at all costs

In order to be as unimpressed as possible by the flight itself, it is best to distract yourself. If you don’t have a friend with you, the person sitting next to you might be happy to exchange a few kind words. If neither is the case, it is best to take an exciting book with you as a precaution. If you are really absorbed in the story, you will hardly notice what is going on around you. A radio play or your favorite music on your ears can also give you relaxation – just close your eyes and dream of your next destination, the warm beach and crystal clear water.

If, out of sheer excitement, you forgot to pack any of these things in your carry-on, there is still good old fashioned entertainment on board. Pick up the magazines, watch a good movie or continue chatting with the hostesses. If you let them know about your fear of flying from the start, they will certainly try to answer even the smallest questions. This flight goes faster than expected and nothing stands in the way of your vacation. 🙂

Relaxation exercises

If you’re on a private flight, use the space to move, and even squat and stretch. If you can barely handle the tension and cramps inside, correct sitting posture can provide the first remedy. Sit up straight and keep your legs firmly on the floor. Alternate deep inhaling and exhaling until your pulse subsides. Alternatively, you can pull your shoulders up to your ears and hold your breath in that position for ten seconds and remain seated. If you breathe out, let your shoulders hang down again. After a few repetitions, this method should work wonders for anxiety. If you suffer from a very strong fear of flying, you can learn special techniques like progressive muscle relaxation. The alternation of conscious tension and letting go of certain muscle groups quickly ensures relaxation without anyone noticing.

Soothe with naturopathy

If your inner restlessness is so strong that even the best tips won’t help you relax, you can also resort to medication to calm yourself down. However, I would advise against using chemical-based medications, as they often cause side effects or interactions with other medications, and in the worst-case scenario, can even make you dependent. I have already had a good experience with medicinal plants, such as passionflower. High-dose passionflower extract is very well tolerated and takes effect after just under half an hour. So, if you notice that your nervousness is increasing, soon after taking the passionflower in herbal tea, pills or the like, you will feel that your inner tension is decreasing. Often, however, the fact that you have herbal medicine on hand in an emergency has a calming effect.

Goodbye the fear of flying

I hope I have been able to reassure and encourage you with my advice. And once you arrive at your vacation destination, the next few days at the beach or the anticipation of the many adventures will quickly make you forget your fear of flying. Are you also afraid of flying and have any other tips for relaxing? Or is your fear so great that you won’t get on a plane at all? I would be happy if you tell me about your experiences in the comments.