The cheapest and best-selling private jet in the world

Cirrus Vision, the world’s less expensive, best-selling private jet in 2020.

cheapest private jet of all at just under $ 2 million, or € 1,800,000
• able to land on its own with the help of a button in the event of an emergency
• equipped with a parachute in case of failure in flight
• low operational cost, 1000 $ or 800 € per hour of flight, fuel and maintenance included
• it takes off in just 620 m
• it can fly with only one pilot, very often the owner

A private jet that is inexpensive to buy and use.

Admittedly, the Flaris LAR 1, about which I have already written here, boasts a lower operating cost: $ 1.2 / nm, or $ 450 / hour, having a price also lower, $ 1.5 mln, but it is not yet certified and therefore it is not yet for sale.

The world’s best-selling private jet in 2020

Although we do not yet have the official sales figures for 2020, given the 80 Cirrus Vision Jets sold in 2019, we can almost be sure that no other private jet was sold more in 2020, given that the pandemic of Covid 19 has favored small private sales.

The Cirrus Vision Jet has such low costs that it can be easily amortized. It may even be cheaper than flying an airliner, especially when you factor in the cost per hour per passenger. For example, if you can fly it yourself, carrying six passengers at $ 1000 or € 800 per hour from Lyon to Paris, we will spend € 800 divided by seven, so about € 115 per person, roughly the price of a line theft on the same draft. not to mention the typical advantages of private jets: take off within a quarter of an hour after arrival at the airport, very few embarkation and disembarkation formalities, reserved lanes, you can decide the day and time of departure and back. Especially, since the Cirrus Vision Jet can take off 120 m in this way, you can enjoy 10 times more airports than an airliner, which is valuable if its destination is far from a large city.

The advantages of this very economical private jet:

• the interior can be personalized, with fully removable leather seats that can be easily removed, in eight colors to choose from.
• the exterior can be personalized, having a choice of eight colors for the paint.
• Like all planes produced by Cirrus, this private jet is equipped with a parachute. Although the Cirrus Vision Jet has not yet used it, the occupants of a Cirrus single-piston engine that failed in the engine were rescued on January 26, 2015.
• In addition to the parachute, since it can be flown by a single pilot, this private jet has a Garmin Autoland system which, with the push of a button, automatically lands it at the nearest airport.
• It is air-conditioned, with air vents even for rear passengers; unlike airliners, and can emit both hot and cold air as desired.
• It is equipped with a huge screen that can drop down from the ceiling, which can be connected to a laptop for watching Netflix or PowerPoint presentations.
• Its entertainment system also includes Sirius XM Satellite Radio and WiFi.
• As it climbs in altitude, this private jet automatically pressurizes the cabin. If the pressurization has problems, it automatically goes down to a safe stance.
• The aircraft can detect if the pilot is no longer able to fly. in these cases, the Garmin automatic landing system is particularly useful in saving lives and the aircraft.
• this private jet is particularly easy to fly. It starts with the push of a button, like a car.

Technical specifications

PAYLOAD  1,400lb
Cabin Width       5.1 ft (1.56 m)
Cabin Height      4.1 ft (1.24 m)
MAX RANGE 1,275nm
Takeoff 2,036 ft (620 m)
Takeoff Over 50 ft Obstacle 3,192 ft (973 m)
Climb Rate  490m, 609 ft/min
Max Operating Altitude 9448 m 31,000 ft
Max Cruise Speed 576 km/h 311 KTAS
Landing Groundroll 1,628 ft (496 m)