The cheapest private plane in the world, better than a private flight charter?

The Hummelbird is probably the cheapest private plane in the world

There is at least one cheap private plane that you can buy for about 9000 €. This is the Hummelbird, produced by a company in the United States, Ohio, which is sold as a mounting kit. In short, you can mount it yourself at home, as if it were IKEA furniture. Nevertheless, it takes room, because its wingspan is 18-21 ft, and its length 13 ft 4 in. So you need a garage for two cars.

Pros and cons of this small single-seat aircraft

Volkswagen air-cooled engine on a Hummelbird
Volkswagen air-cooled engine on a Hummelbird

Let’s first look at its technical specifications:

  • Reduced weight, just  310 lbs empty
  • Cruise speed, 100-115 mphdepending on the type of engine
  • Fuel Consumption contained, 1.6-2.0 Gal/Hr at cruising speed
  • autonomy of about 260 miles, the tank having a capacity of 6 Gal
  • Volkswagen Beetle’s common engine with 37 horsepower, reduced to two cylinders instead of four
  • it takes off in 300 ft, but it needs 800 ft to fly over an obstacle of 45 ft, for example a tree. Watch the video below:

The advantages of this small plane:

  • It is a motorized ultralight glider, category allowing its use in simplified airworthiness conditions compared to those of a light aircraft, and it requires a specific pilot license, easier to obtain .
  • Like most microlights, it can take off and land on short distances from airfields, 92m to take off and 243m to land.
  • It consumes less than most cars
  • It sports a legendary engine known for its reliability, the Volkswagen Beetle
  • The pleasure of flying a plane at a very low cost

Its limits:

  • This is a single-seater, with little room for luggage, just a small suitcase behind the seat.
  • Very light, it becomes unstable and dangerous in case of strong and even medium wind and bad weather.
  • In the United States, there is a lot of room and tracks to take off, unlike in Europe, where it’s harder to operate such an aircraft.
  • Its range is relatively limited.

Is it an alternative better than a private flight charter or even a car?

Not so much, considering its reduced speed. Calculating the time for trips to and from the airstrip on departure and arrival, the car remains a more convenient means of transportation than this aircraft, and it can not fly in extreme weather conditions.

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  1. One of the most outstanding reasons for using private aviation is that it saves time. Depending on your schedule, it is possible to get an aircraft ready in just a few hours. You can then get to the airport just minutes before your departure time, get to fly directly to your destination without the stopovers. Flying private also allows you to make valuable use of time on-board.

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