Cheap private flights, present and future opportunities

Private flights cost a minimum of 2,000 euros per hour of flight. Nevertheless, there are opportunities, present and future, to enjoy private jet travel at a cost per passenger mile close to that of an airliner. This is how to do it.

The Cirrus Vision, the world’s cheapest private jet

With an estimated cost per flight hour estimated at around $ 1,000, including fuel and maintenance, this inexpensive little private jet that can carry six passengers plus the pilot, and costs significantly less than $ 2,000 per hour to hire, although the cost of the rental may vary depending on the route, departure and return dates, etc.

What’s more, this private jet is reliable. Since it entered service in 2017, it has not had a single accident. Not only, but it is equipped with a Garmin system of auto-landing which, in the event of incapacity of the pilot, for example due to the discomfort in flight, can make the plane land at the nearest airport without further human intervention, by pressing a large, clearly visible button. Should there be an engine failure, this jet is supplied with a parachute that has already proven itself in a Cirrus piston plane crash in 2015.

Opportunities to come in the near future

The Celera 500L

The Celera 500L from the American company Otto Aviation, whose range is expected to be over 7,300 kilometers, and the flight speed is expected to be around 720 kilometers per hour, promises at least 60% fuel economy thanks to its very aerodynamic shape and a very economical diesel engine. It should travel 7.7-10.6 km on 1 liter of kerosene or even biofuel. It goes without saying that such an aircraft, having the performance of a small private jet, should cost significantly less to rent, thanks to these fuel savings. Indeed, it is calculated that fuel has a 50% impact on the operational cost of a jet. This rather unusual private jet should go on sale from 2025.

Alice Eviation

The Alice Eviation electric plane, which I’ve written extensively about, boasts a cost per passenger kilometer of seven cents, with over 1,000 km of range at a speed of 440 km / h. This sort of private jet, has already received 150 orders from various regional airlines, and a lot of interest from other airlines.

Lilium jet

The Lilium Jet, which I have already written about here, takes off and lands vertically on a ground the size of a tennis court, and flies 300 km at 300 km / h with electric motors. It carries five passengers with a cost per passenger kilometer equivalent to that of a diesel car, in a silence and absence of vibrations which ensure unparalleled comfort.

It goes without saying that private flights with such a private jet should cost much less, per hour of flight, than with a traditional private jet, although its services are both superior, on one hand, and inferior, on the other, because speed and range are limited.

It should be marketed in 2025; several cities have already concluded agreements in the United States and Germany to offer rental of this small technological marvel to their citizens and businesses. The construction of ad hoc facilities is already planned.

If these two original electric private jets live up to their promises, private flights could be cheap, about as much as taking a taxi.