Boeing BBJ 747-8, the world’s largest private jet


In the picture gallery above you can see pictures of the Boeing BBJ 747-8 equipped by Cabinet Alberto Pinto. Photos courtesy Alberto Pinto.

Luxury and elegance in the sky

The Airbus A380 has already overtaken the Boeing 747 as the largest passenger aircraft in the past decade. The Saudi Prince Al Waleed had ordered in 2007 a private jet Airbus A380, but the projet was never accomplished, since the prince himself was arrested in November 2017.  The Boeing 777X also caught up on its latest version this year as the longest passenger plane. However, the Boeing 747 is still the largest private aircraft ever built. In addition to the 737 Max, 787 and 777X, Boeing’s BBJ series (Boeing Business Jet) also offers the latest jumbo jet version as a business jet.

How many BBJ 747-8 are on the road and for whom they are flying cannot be exactly determined. The specimen, the interior of which was designed by the Parisian design agency Cabinet Alberto Pinto for an unknown businessman from the Middle East, still retains some secrets. The company is the legacy of interior designer Alberto Pinto, who died in 2012. his sister Linda Pinto now heads the design agency. The agency shows what the designer has made of the inside of the Boeing 747-8 on her website.

Luxurious but simple

The company has already been able to design the cabins of smaller business planes such as the Bombardier Global 6000 or the Gulfstream G550. With a Boeing BBJ 737-700, Cabinet Alberto Pinto has also already taken on the interior of a private jet based on an ordinary passenger plane. The agency, which also furnishes hotels, company buildings or yachts, has never yet handled anything flying on the scale of the Boeing 747.

The owner of the BBJ 747 was not a new customer. Pinto’s agency has already designed a hotel for the businessman, it is said. Instead of making demands on every detail, the client had only one wish for his flagship: it should be luxurious, but also simple and practical. Otherwise, the interior designers had a free hand. The design and installation of the cabin took a total of four years.