The cheapest and most practical private jet of the world

The LARIS LAR 1 private jet, very economical and functional.

The Eastern Européans countries had already accustomed us to resounding successes in the field of private planes with the flying car of Slovakia and the Pipistrel electric aircraft of Slovenia.
Now, with the FLARIS LAR 1, Poland has produced the first copies of a private jet that breaks the following records:

  • If we are to take into account jets already on the marlket, the Cirrus Vision is the cheapest private jet in the world, but the Flaris LAR 1 costs 50,000 $ less, ans boasts a 55% cheaper operating cost of 450 $ per hour. I wonder how cheap it will be for private jet rental.
  • Private jet on takeoff and landing faster and more convenient in the world, requiring only a 250 m runway
  • The most practical private jet in the world, which can be carried on a trailer and parked a car garage.
  • Smallest private jet of the world
  • Lightest private jet of the world

This small private jet is very aerodynamic and lightweight, being constructed of carbon fiber. The cabin has enough room for four passengers comfortably seated.

The Flaris LAR 1 requires only one pilot with its Garmin G600 navigation and radio system, which functions as a co-pilot. A private pilot license is sufficient.
Very easy to fly, it has little tendency to stall and recovers automatically if it goes into a tailspin.

FLARIS LAR 1-cockpit
FLARIS LAR 1-cockpit – courtesy FLARIS

It parks in a garage and can be transported on a trailer, thanks to the fact that its wings can be detached in just five minutes.

It takes off on a 250 m runway! Whether it’s a small airport or even a grass track, this awesome private jet is practically an alternative to longs and tiring car trips.

FLARIS LAR 1 flying
FLARIS LAR 1 flying – courtesy FLARIS