The first fully automatic take-off accomplished by Airbus!

Airbus successfully completed the first fully automatic take-off based on vision using an Airbus family test aircraft, an A350 1000, at Toulouse-Blagnac airport.

In the image above, note one of the pilots who touches the arm of the other to invite him not to touch the controls!

As you can see in the photo and the video, the pilots do not touch the controls, the plane advances on the runway and takes off normally completely automatically.
It’s an autopilot system that allows you to take off without pilot intervention. The system is based on sight recognition, via sensors installed on the device. Airbus says its goal is not so much to build self-driving planes? Rather, to have the aircraft maneuver and operations tasks performed automatically, so that the pilot is more free to analyze the situation and make strategic decisions.

For example, if there were an obstacle on the runway, the pilots would be able to detect them faster, because they would have their hands free and nothing else to do to control the situation.
Of course the realization of this automatic piloting system will benefit private jets, and we can even hope that one day, thanks to automation, it will be possible or at least easier to use it without the need for hiring a professional pilot, which is expensive because he must return home after the private flight, or else wait to bring passengers home.