Top list of the events most cherished by private jets owners

The events in Europe where most private jets fly to.

I’ve put together a top list of the most popular events for our customers. Where are the private jets booked for flights when it comes to art, film or sports?
Here is the top list. And yes, it is inconceivable, but it’s true: the rustic, non-exclusive Oktoberfest, actually a playground for celebrities, is also there. The pilots don’t over-drink before flying back…

  1. Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monaco
    The engine howl can almost be heard in Cannes: when on May 28, the Formula 1 drivers of Ferrari, Mercedes and Co. meander through the most prestigious course in the world with its famous hairpin bend, the soundscape in the streets of the contemplative Principality of Monaco again deafening.
    A spectacle that, according to the standards, can not be missed by innumerable private jet travelers
  2. Film Festival, Cannes
    Seeing and being seen: those who stand out on the red carpet in Cannes – whether it be from our positive or negative – are often at least as much of a topic of conversation as the works awarded there. Every year, the Côte d’Azur Film Festival attracts everything that has a reputation and a name in the film industry.
  3. Art Basel, Basel
    With locations in Hong Kong, Miami Beach and Basel, Art Basel is one of the world’s most renowned art exhibitions. This year, the event will take place from 15 to 18 June in Switzerland’s art capital, Basel, where more than 4,000 artists present their paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and video installations to visitors from all over the world.
    Art Basel is one of the top private jet events in Europe every year. For example, art enthusiasts from London, Venice and Amsterdam flew there and this year we expect a similar number of bookings. “
  4. Oktoberfest Munich
    Every year, around six million local and international visitors to the Oktoberfest await this exclamation of the mayor of Munich, „O’Zapft is!“ following the traditional barrel tapping, as this marks the official start of the largest public festival in the world.
    Reason enough for private jet travelers to make their way from all over Europe to the Bavarian capital: more than a hundred flights, most of them from London, Moscow and Helsinki, last year.
  5. World Economic Forum at Davos
    Many of the world’s most important decision-makers, beat politicians or entrepreneurs, gather every year at Davos, a beautiful town in the Swiss Alps, take it with an airport where private jet flock.
  6. International Petroleum Week
    This week gathers the crème de la crème of the CEO and of the oil industry worldwide. The IP Week takes place in London, and you bet a swarm of private jets fly their from all over the world.
    Soccer World Championship in Russia
    Every four years chose millions of spectators, including VIPs from the political and business world. Private jets, come along.
  7. Champions league final
    Held in Europe, the world’s most watched soccer game of the year is a must for leaders of all kinds and their private jets.