The world’s best-selling medium private jet, Cessna Citation Latitude

• it is the best-selling medium private jet in the world
• it combines comfort, long range and speed for nine passengers
• its cabin and among the most spacious in its category
• the cabin height, 1.83 m, allows standing travel
• its state-of-the-art multimedia entertainment system

It’s no coincidence that Textron, Cessna’s parent company, is located exactly in the middle of the United States, in Kansas. Probably the need for its businessmen to reach the coastal cities of the East and West, where most of the American economic activity is concentrated, played a role in the founding and development of one of the the world’s best manufacturers of airplanes and private jets.

The Cessna Citation Latitude owes its name to a particularly large and comfortable cabin. Although we don’t have a lot of data for 2020, data from 2019 show that it is the best-selling average private jet in the world, with around 180 units sold.

Great cabin space

With a cabin measuring 1.83 m in height, 1.86 m in width and 6 m, 63 in length, comfort is assured. There is plenty of room among the rows of seats, which are all 180 ° swivel and have a USB socket and controls to adjust the light. The toilets are 60 cm wider than that of the competitors. This private jet has a fiber optic system that provides multimedia connections, lighting and dual-zone climate control. Everything can be adjusted via an application or via a screen in the galley area. There is also plenty of practical storage. You can even play music from your own smartphone on the sound system of this private jet. Cabin pressurization is stable at 5,950 feet or 2,000 m when flying at a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet or 15,000 m.

Its air filtration system is equipped with a HEPA filter which eliminates 99.5% of viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus.

State of the art piloting tools

Piloting is facilitated by the Garmin G5000 system. This private jet is equipped with automatic throttles that can be programmed before take off and for the climb to altitude. The Lilksys Onboard Problem Diagnosis System uses a centralized system that monitors the aircraft 100% of the time. In the rare event of a problem, this system immediately provides a remedy and communicates the problem via Wi-Fi on landing or via satellite in flight. Take-off and landing distances are incredibly short, respectively 1091 meters – 3,579.35 feet and 756 meters – 2,480.28 feet.

A very reasonable operational cost

The operational cost of this private jet is approximately $ 4.41 or € 3.70 per nautical mile. The landing sled is equipped with dual wheels, and carbon disc brakes that can last for up to a thousand landings, while the tires last for up to 300 landings.

Technical specifications

Range: 5000 km Power: 5.907 pounds
Garmin G5000 cockpit Engine: 2 turbofan PW 306D1 Max load 1258 kg
Max cruising speed: 446 nodes 826 km / h
Max altitude: 45,000 feet Climb rate: 3800 p / min 19.30 meters / second
Takeoff distance: 1091 m – 3,579 p Landing: 756 m – 2,480 p
Cabin height:
1.83 meters – 6.00 feet
Cabin width:
1.96 meters – 6.43 feet
Cabin length:
6.63 meters – 21.75 feet