Air traffic increases in countries that have most vaccinated

Here’s good news for air traffic: vaccines work

Just look at the image above, which compares the air traffic of Tuesday March 16, 2021 with that of Tuesday March 2, 2021, so two weeks before, to understand that there is a resumption of air traffic. Source: Eurocontrol.

Airports where the recovery is stronger

They are those of Tel Aviv in Israel, London Heathrow and Germany. Now, what is the common denominator of these nations? Well, these are the ones that vaccinated the highest percentage of the population. The more they vaccinated, the more their air traffic increased. In fact, we have in descending order: Israel, which vaccinated more than half of its population, with an increase of 119%; the United Kingdom, which has vaccinated more than a third of its population, with an increase of 11%; Germany, which has vaccinated more than 8% of its population, with a 23% increase.

Private jet traffic does even better

Although I don’t have precise data for the last two weeks, the latest private jet air traffic data for the last month of February 2021 shows around 15% less traffic compared to the same month of last year.